ZoneMaster 250 & 450 are now in stock and shipping at Parasound.

November 9, 2015

ZoneMaster 450

The ZoneMaster 450 replaces the Zamp Quattro effective immediately. The Zamp Quattro is no longer in production and no longer in stock to fill orders. Please remove the Zamp Quattro from your Parasound price sheets. Note: We will fill any incoming Zamp Quattro orders with ZM450 to maintain our order processing efficiency. The MSRP for the ZoneMaster 450 is $795/invoice cost is available from your sales rep (no change from the Zamp Quattro invoice price) The ZoneMaster 450 is in stock and shipping. Please find detailed information below on the feature advantages of the ZoneMaster 450 compared to the ZampQuattro--


  • 50 point margin
  • Repeat--50 point margin
  • Bridging capability for up to 200W x 2ch
  • Mono Mode
  • 2 Ohm stable (vs. 4 ohm stability for the Quattro)
  • Independent 12V trigger inputs for each zone
  • Independent Audio triggers for each zone
  • Improved cross talk between zones
  • Illuminated Power button
  • Larger front panel channel indicator lights
  • Improved audio trigger sensitivity so only one sensitivity setting is required


  • Switch to internally connect Zone 1 to Zone 2 (no space on rear panel, user can connect zone 1 to zone 2 by using any RCA cables and the looping out from zone 1)
  • Removed rear panel AC power switch (no room on rear panel)


  • dealer price from the Zamp Quattro
  • MSRP--$795

What to do next:

ZoneMaster 250

The ZoneMaster 250 is in stock undergoing Q/C and is expected to ship later this week. The MSRP for the ZoneMaster 250 is $475/invoice price is available via your sales rep. Note: The Zamp V.3 remains in the line and is NOT being replaced by the ZoneMaster 250. The ZoneMaster 250 is in stock and shipping at the end of this week. The ZoneMaster 250 is a brand new model in the ZoneMaster line, purpose-built for custom applications, and offers the following feature set:


What to do next:

By the end of this week, ALL ZoneMaster models will in stock and shipping from Parasound.

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