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About Active Thermal Management

The combination of more components in a typical home theater or commercial A/V installation, more channels and more power per channel in amplifiers, more components that are always on, and more systems located in enclosures has created a need for effective, quiet ventilation. Active Thermal Management offers a complete line of very quiet cooling systems to cover virtually any situation the installer or designer may come across, whether it's a cable box in a drawer, 4 tall racks in an equipment room, or a credenza in a training room.

In business since 1999, in the A/V industry for decades, and with well over 150,000 systems sold, we have the products and the experience needed to solve consumer and commercial electronics thermal problems. Phone in a question, e-mail a JPEG of the installation, or fax a cocktail napkin sketch; you'll get the support you need from ATM.

Whether you're a systems integrator, installer, architect, contractor, or home theater enthusiast, the solution to your thermal problem is as close as your phone or keyboard...

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