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There aren't many opportunities to sell 50 point products these days... but ATM cooling systems are just that. Unlike some very overpriced accessories, our systems provide a frequently-needed function and keep problems from popping up "down the road"... when you've moved on to new projects. Don't leave loose ends and money on the table; include cheap insurance against equipment damage for you and your clients in your proposals.

Whether you're locating the gear in a stand-alone rack, a rack in a closet or cabinet/credenza, or putting it on shelves in a closet, we have systems that will ensure long, trouble-free operation. And... ATM now backs its systems with a 5 year warranty.

Cooling isn't just one of several areas we're involved in - it's all we do 24/7, and we do it better, in product selection and pre- and post-sale technical support.

Click HERE to reach tech support, and HERE to reach our sales folks. (And ask for a copy of our latest dealer/MSRP price list.)

In case you missed the last issue...

The System 2 family has long been the backbone of our line of cabinet cooling systems. Whether the original System 2, with fans mounted to a plate, or the Kit (with either 2 or 4 fans), the ultra-quiet System 2 is our "go to" cabinet cooler.

Rather than increase the price of the System 2 due to increasing material costs, we have changed the design of the control to two discrete speeds, switching into low speed at 83 and high at 93 degrees. There will be a single thermal probe, but with a more precise 1% temperature sensor and much more rapid response to temperature changes.

Air movement in CFM is unchanged, as is noise generated from the original design.

Saving the best for the last...The redesign allows for a price decrease, always good news.

IMPORTANT -- Most people (and companies) have email issues from time to time, and that includes us. We want all of our customers to know that we will ALWAYS acknowledge your emails and orders right away. If you have not heard from us within a few hours after sending an email, it would be a good idea to give us a call at (661)294-7999 to make sure we received it.

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Mar 14 18 PAA News

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