New Firmware v3.5 Now Available

Download the latest firmware from JVC

Free JVC Projector Firmware v3.5 is now available for download. JVC projectors newest »Feature Forward« firmware upgrade once again enables current owners of JVC D-ILA DLA-NX9, NX7 and NX5 projectors to update their projector; permitting further HDR viewing enhancements while demonstrating JVCKENWOOD's commitment to offering the highest value proposition in home theater projection...yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Please share the following information, documents and links with your sales, installation and marketing teams. The new firmware will be installed in January 2021 production projectors.

Description of upgrades added in firmware v3.50 that further enhance JVC projectors exclusive »Frame Adapt HDR« dynamic tone mapping function:

1. New »Theater Optimizer« smart function, analyzes the usage environment of each user's theater, and displays HDR content with optimum brightness...automatically
Brightness of the projector screen varies depending the screen size, gain and throw distance as well as lamp age and settings. When the projector is set to the Frame Adapt HDR picture mode, just enter the screen size and gain information, and the new Theater Optimizer function activates to automatically analyze the installation in which the projector is used and intelligently adjust tone mapping. This ensures reference picture quality at an appropriate brightness, suitable to each custom home theatre environment. In addition, 18-bit level gamma processing is maintained while the feature is in use, bringing out deeper blacks in darker scenes, and higher peak whites in brighter scenes, along with the most realistic color, to reproduce high precision images with smooth gradations.

2. New Settings & Menu Structure
(1) Brightness levels settings are increased to five steps for the Frame Adapt HDR function (was previously three steps).
(2) New Content Type menu, which displays usable Picture Mode based on each input signal. Only the Picture Mode matching the input signal can be selected, preventing image distortion due to gamma and color gamut mismatch.
(3) Function which automatically switches to the optimal Color Profile according to the color gamut information of the content.
(4) Added Auto Pic. Mode Select function transitions according to each input signal (SDR/3D/HDR10/HLG).
(5) Picture Mode for Panasonic's Ultra HD Blu-ray player DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Added Picture Mode, which allows easy and optimized connection without individual manual settings.
(6) Improved JVC Calibration Software
(7) Renamed and added Color Profile


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