Music Hall Audio Review

Andrew Robinson from Home Theater Review took the semi-automatic Classic for a spin and was mightily impressed. Excerpts below.

How does the Classic compare to much more expensive tables?

"I did find the (technics) 1500C to be livelier and more dynamic in comparison, but it was nowhere near as full, nor did it plunge as deep as the Music Hall Classic. Conversely, the (project) X2 may have been the most refined of the three, but it sounded rather lifeless compared to the Classic..."

This says it all:

"The biggest takeaway, for me, about the Classic's performance was that I kept wanting to listen to it."

In Summation:

"'ll need to probably spend three times as much on a pre-configured table to make upgrading over the Classic truly worth it."

Read the full review:

Mar 05 20 PAA News

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