Music Hall Audio | New Products for 2019

Music Hall Audio New for 2019

Happy 2019!

Time for new plans, new products, and new price sheets.


Normally, we would have seen most or at least some of you at CES, but as we didn't exhibit and it's my guess, you didn't attend, we missed ringing in the new year together. The fortunate reality is; Hi-End Audio is dead dead dead at CES. So, we're happily moving on, and will be exhibiting at both AXPONA and RMAF this year. Be sure to come by and see us.


Now, on with the goods!

Our first new product of the year is the nifty little, "made in the USA," music hall mini plus.

Hey, I hear ya, it's hard to excited about another "new" cheap phono preamp, but this one is seriously different. It features a headphone out, capacitance loading, a rumble filter, and the feature that truly makes the mini plus standout, a trim/gain control. This incredibly useful feature is kind of like having a volume control for your phono stage. Why would you want that?

Are you tired of hearing customers complain that their turntable isn't loud enough or that the sound from vinyl is distorted and shrill? The trim/gain control allows you to really dial-in the output of your turntable/cartridge to each individual system and even each recording. As you know, the output of each record can vary quite dramatically which sometimes changes the optimal performance and that sweet honey spot of your system. The trim/gain pot allows you to perfectly control the output of your vinyl rig and maximize your system's sound.

In stock
Retail $150
UPC: 675889005998

Music Hall Audio New for 2019

Looking ahead; we're working on a new range of electronics and a couple of new turntables. All products are in the pre-production stage. We'll see what passes muster and you'll be the first to know as we move into production.

Wishing you all a solidly prosperous and healthy new year.

Price Sheets

New Products:

Music Hall Mini Plus Phono Amp

Music Hall Connect Phono Cable

Goldring Ethos Cartridge

Discontinued Products:

Music Hall DAC25.3
Music Hall Ikura Turntable
All EAT products

Music Hall Audio New for 2019

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