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BluOS 2.16.1 ‐ Available Now

Our software and engineering teams listen to dealer and client feedback, and work hard at providing valuable features in these reoccurring updates.

This new update is packed with not only bug fixes, but lots of other goodies. Scroll down to learn more!

New Feature (Gen 2)
Auto-Sensing Optical Input

For Bluesound Products

For Bluesound Products

(This feature affects the optical INPUT on Bluesound Products)

  • You can also use a Bluesound PRESET and IR trigger to select the OPTICAL input with an IR remote control and a preset volume level!

Product Enhancements
Auto Wake Up from BluOS Controller App + App Hopping from NAD Remote App

NAD C 368 / 388

NAD C 368 / 388
  • App Hop Button from NAD Remote App to BluOS App and vice versa (Classic Series)
  • Auto Wake from BluOS App (M-Series or C-Series + BluOS)
  • ✓ Make sure chassis firmware is up to date for C 368 and C 388 in order to use these features

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Product Enhancements
Auto Wake Up + Front Panel Display / Indicator Updates

NAD Masters Series

  • Auto Wake from App for all M-Series products
  • Auto Standby / Sleep for M50.2
  • Improved HDMI Audio for M50.2
  • Network Standby On / Off for all M-Series products
  • Updated Indicator Light (White) for M50.2
  • ✓ Make sure chassis firmware is up to date in order to use these M12 or M32 features

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Feature Enhancement
AVR Source Switching from BluOS App

NAD Theater Series

Switch your AVR over to the BluOS source from the BluOS Control App

NAD T-Series Products

Product Updates
Over-the-Air Chassis Firmware Updates

NAD AVRs or Pre-Pros w/ 4K Card

BluOS 2.16.1 allows for online updating of chassis firmware for older (i.e. non-"V3") NAD AVRs and Pre-pros - if - they are outfitted with a VM300 or VM130 ‘4K’ UHD HDMI module. No more serial cable required!

Product Enhancement
IR Remote Activity Light + 3rd Party Integration Improvements

Bluesound and BluOS Powered Products

  • New IR activity light (defeatable) - For all Bluesound products featuring IR control
  • Newly optimized 3rd party control processing for a more responsive control experience for all BluOS 3rd party control platforms, including Control4 and Crestron

Drivers & Control Apps

Official Release Notes

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