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Music Hall MMF-1.5 Turntable

Reviewers Groove to the $399 MMF-1.5

The mmf-1.5 has recently received heaps of praise. Take a moment to read and watch what people have to say.

First, truly Sound Advice from nationally syndicated audio columnist, Don Lindich. He says of the mmf-1.5:

"This is my new favorite turntable under $400, and Music Hall is to be commended for bringing it to the market for such a reasonable price. If it performed just the same and said Rega or VPI on the box, it would likely cost over $1,000 and would still sell!"

"It is going to make a lot of newcomers to vinyl and those upgrading their starter turntables very, very happy."

Read more on Sound Advice

Don's reviews can be found on his Sound Advice site and perhaps even in your local newspaper. His column appears in 20 local papers around the country. The mmf-1.5 review has already been spotted in Minneapolis and Pittsburgh.


Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac, states in his mmf-1.5 review for CNET:

"...Elvis spoke to me, his phrasing and power, and his band's rockin' rhythms got my juices flowing. The mmf-1.5 brought me closer to Elvis' music, the production and sound quality, which I never noticed before."

" digs deep into the music to reveal more about the subtle elements like reverberation and the atmosphere of the session, information that's way down in the grooves."

The mmf-1.5 brings Sound and Style together


Check out this great video review of the mmf-1.5 shot by our friends at Spinster Records:

MMF-1.5 review with Kate Canada

Haven't had enough? Watch The Audiophiliac wax poetic in his video review of the 1.5:

The Audiophiliac on the MMF-1.5

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