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Music Hall Audio Wash Clean Suck #3

Winter is coming and it's time to put on your sweater, pour a long dram of whisky, and clean some records!

The WCS-3 is the perfect cleaning partner. The machine spins the record, you apply the fluid and scrub, and the WCS-3 sucks it dry.

Sure, lots of record cleaners do this, but the WCS-3 has another trick, it's the only vacuum record cleaner with a volume control.

Volume control?

Yes, it has a volume control, otherwise known as variable vacuum control. The volume knob allows you to control exactly how loud and how much it sucks. Crank up the volume and WCS-3 will completely dry your record in one spin. Want the cleaning fluid to stay on the record a little longer? Reduce the volume and the WCS reduces the suction. Simple, and no doubt a critical feature for cleaning your 70's era RCA Dynaflex collection. Without the volume control, the powerful vacuum might just suck those paper thin records right into the machine. Whoops!

The chassis is made of easy-to-clean interlocking aluminum that won't warp or degrade like other wood based models and the suction-cup style clamp protects the record label from getting wet.

The WCS-3 will lower the noise-floor, reduce static, and get the yuck and muck off of your records, leaving them in pristine condition. A critical component for all vinyl collectors.

Retail $699
UPC: 602573245330

Music Hall Audio Wash Clean Suck #3 in black

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