ZeeVee Training

Tuesday, May 9, Art Weeks, Zv IP Product Manager and I will be conducting two, short, 30 minute Webinars on the Hows and Whys of the Zv MX / Mxe Video over IP encoder/decoder.

(Same info on each webinar, you can attend morning or afternoon)

ZyPerMX and ZvMXE Webinar

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This product has been extremely successful for Zv and everyone should know about it.

You will learn:

A selling idea...

Schools will be getting dismissed for summer break in a few weeks. This is the time school departments do capital renovations and updates. Zv digital RF modulators are used in hundreds of schools to replace old analog video distribution with HD. Call your dealers that you know operate in this vertical and see if Zv can help.

Here's hoping you have a fantastic May. See you on the webinar.

May 05 17 PAA News

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