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Triad Frameless Grill

This Friday, all in wall and in ceiling speakers will be changed to Frameless grills.

Triad Changing to Frameless Grills (Phasing out Wide and Narrow Versions)

Because of the high demand from designers and architects and the increasing popularity from our dealers and their clients, Triad will be phasing out the Wide and Narrow versions of our grills and will be shipping our speakers exclusively with our Frameless grills.

Up until now, we have offered 3 grill choices: Wide, Narrow and Frameless, with the default choice being Narrow, if nothing else was specified. This has caused confusion for some of our dealers and some dealers have had difficulties with the very tight tolerances, needed for cutting in the Narrow versions.

As the number of dealers specifying Frameless has increased, we realized that it was not necessary or feasible to offer all 3 versions. On Friday February 17th, unless dealers specify differently, all shipments will change to Frameless.

We will continue to build Narrow and Wide grills for a limited time, and you can specify them. But they will be removed from the website and price sheets.

If you have projects that were sold with Narrow or Wide grills, or would like to continue for a time with these grills, please contact the Triad Sales Department at 1-800-666-6316 or by email at before Friday February 17th.

Thank you,
The Triad Team

Feb 15 17 PAA News

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