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ZVOX Speakers Work Perfectly With Google's New Voice Control System

You may know that we like Google's Cast (or Chromecast) products. Connect a Chromecast Audio dongle to a ZVOX system and it's instantly part of a wifi sound system. Now with Google Home®, which we got last week, we can control all the sound systems in the house - by talking. Just say "Hey Google, play Jackson Browne in the living room" and bingo, he's playing. Tell it to play through the "house group" and every system in the house lights up and plays along. You no longer have to spend thousands to get get a cool multi-room, voice-activated sound system. It's only $129, plus $27.50- $35 per dongle - at Best Buy or the Google Store.

CNET - and Amazon Reviewers - Say Our AccuVoice Speaker Really Works.

CNET just reviewed our AccuVoice Speaker and said "The Zvox AccuVoice is great for folks who have trouble hearing the TV. The Accuvoice focuses primarily on the human voice, and does it well. If you're frustrated by trying to hear the tinny voices coming out of your television, a speaker like this might be just what you're looking for." Plus the 5-Star reviews on Amazon keep coming in - over 100 of them so far. This is a system that not only works, it makes people very very happy.

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Save $100 On The World's Best Sound Bars?

Now you can save $100 on the sound bars CNET says are "a force to be reckoned with...great sound quality... among the best for the money, period... a performance-first bar that will trounce most of the competition." You'll get our best prices ever on the best sounding home theater systems we've ever made. Save $100 on our insanely great aluminum sound bars

Closeout Sale Prices On Two Critically Acclaimed SoundBase Home Theater Systems.

We're now offering our best prices ever on the ZVOX 450 and 350 SoundBase systems. They both sound great - with built-in subwoofers and high quality amps and wood cabinets. Both feature our PhaseCue® virtual surround sound system - and our AccuVoice® dialogue enhancement system. These are prime deals on great home theater systems.

What CNET says about the ZVOX 350: "Better sound than you'd expect from a compact base.

SoundBase 450 : Reg. $269.99 -- $219.99 SAVE $50

SoundBase 350 : Reg. $219.99 -- $199.99 SAVE $20

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