The Smartest TV Sound System Ever.

New "Game Changer" Product: AccuVoice TV Speaker Sets New Standard For Dialogue Clarity campaign allows you to pre-order and save. Very soon, ZVOX is going to introduce a radically different TV sound system. The AccuVoice TV Speaker is a tiny system with advanced audio technology - including an advanced version of our AccuVoice system. Unlike other systems that claim improved voice clarity (which tend to simply boost the equalization in the frequency range of dialogue), AccuVoice uses a sophisticated algorithm to isolate voices from the rest of the soundtrack and lift them out of background sounds. No speaker we've hear reproduces voices as well.

We introduced the system at the conference of the American Audiology Association last April - and received incredible response from the country's leading audiologists. Over and over they told us how they thought we had the perfect product to address the inadequate speakers in modern flat screen TVs. We expect to start shipping the AccuVoice TV Speaker in late August or early September. But you can pre-order now via, at significant savings. Kickstarter quantities are limited, so you may want to act fast.

Click here to see Kickstarter campaign on ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker

Closeout Sale Prices On Two Critically Acclaimed SoundBase Home Theater Systems.

We're now offering our best prices ever on the ZVOX 450 and 350 SoundBase systems. They both sound great - with built-in subwoofers and high quality amps and wood cabinets. Both feature our PhaseCue® virtual surround sound system - and our AccuVoice® dialogue enhancement system. These are prime deals on great home theater systems.

What CNET says about the ZVOX 350: "Better sound than you'd expect from a compact base.

"Performance is excellent, and it is my favorite surround system yet." -Gear Diary

Our new aluminum sound bars continue to shock and amaze people who expect them to sound ordinary. With a newly-designed set of speakers and built-in subwoofers, a revolutionary digital bass control system and acoustically-superb aluminum cabinets, they deliver sound quality you'd normally expect only from "audiophile quality" speaker systems costing much more. By the end of this month you'll be able to hear them in your local Magnolia Home Theater store (inside select Best Buy stores). Or use our 60 day trial and listen in your own home.

Click here for details on our new sound bars

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