Art Screen Systems by Vutec

Does your home or office need a new look?

Art Screen Systems by Vutec

Thought about taking your home or office to a new aesthetic level?

Artscreen transforms a flat panel display into a work of art. Inside a beautiful frame, the artwork ascends or descends with the touch of a remote. When the screen or flat panel display is not in use, the digital art-on canvas image of your choosing is displayed within the frame. When your artwork is retracted, the flat panel display is visible for viewing.

Custom Home Decor Experience

Our galleries display a vast array of frame styles, liners, and artwork choices for reproduction. Unique art, customized artwork or personalized photographs can be reproduced to create an individualized Artscreens. Both recessed and surface mount versions are available to compliment any interior design or d├ęcor. Our made in AMERICA products create a commercial or residential symphonic dichotomy that exudes class on both ends of the spectrum.

Made in the USA

We value elegance and luxury to maximize our customer's taste in design. These specialized products can reach all audiences and transcend the normalized market. Make sure to contact us today about our premium Artscreen line for more information on our styles and purchasing options. Email your corresponding team: or for any question you may have today!

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