Proficient's GS6 6½" Subwoofer

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GS6 Subwoofer We designed the GS6 specifically to give small speakers a fuller sound. This little 9" cube fits almost anywhere, even under a desk or nightstand. Add it to a pair of bookshelf speakers, use it with your computer speakers, or make it the foundation of an ultra-compact home theater 5.1 surround-sound system.

Mini Monster Sub

Everybody likes the look of small speakers, but nobody likes the thin sound many small speakers deliver. The GS6 is the solution. At just 9 by 9 by 9 inches, the GS6 fits in places too tight for other subwoofers. Yet its robust 6½" long-excursion pulp-composite cone and 30-watt amplifier pump out surprisingly powerful deep bass down to 45 Hz.

A 3.5mm stereo line level input makes the GS6 easy to connect to all sorts of systems-even straight to your laptop computer! An overload limiter protects the driver so you can crank up the GS6 without worry. The low-profile rear port reinforces deep bass without producing distracting port noise.


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