New! HDC-11 HDMI Conditioner

A cost effective, firmware upgradable, one in/one out HDMI conditioner with full HDCP Security and EDID Protocol Integrity.

Transformative Engineering is very pleased to announce the release of our new HDC-11 HDMI Conditioner/Stabilizer!

The HDC-11 contains all of the attributes of our original HDS-12 (less the splitter) including: clock stretching (the most common solution needed with HDBaseT), signal conditioning ('cleans' HDMI signals by eliminating imperfections such as hi-frequency noise or 'jitter'), stabilizing (can assist in HDCP security and EDID protocol integrity), and with update-able firmware provides solutions for even more surprises!

No buttons, dials, or set-ups...simply provide electricity (5v power supply is included) and insert the HDC-11 in between that pesky older cable box and the new surround sound receiver, or between HDMI 1.0/.1/.1 surround receiver and your HDBaseT extender going to the TV.

UPDATE! The HDC-11 is in stock NOW at Professional Audio Associates soon! Check the Transformative Engineering price sheet (here) for the current pricing. For more information keep an eye on Transformative's website, here.

Apr 17 15 PAA News

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