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PS/SS New Product Update - You asked and We Answered!!

Several of our new line of PS/SS products are in stock or on the way. As the market leader, we've created several new sizes and unique configurations to meet your needs - shorter models, more 20A versions, shorter cords, right angle receptacles and plugs, even models that fold! As there is virtually no competition, these products should sell themselves.


  • PS120406 - 12" strip/4 outlets/6ft cord
  • PS120420 - 12" strip/4 outlets/15ft cord/20A
  • PS361206 - 36" strip/12 outlets/6ft cord
  • SS3612 - 36" strip/12 outlets/15ft cord/1050 joules

Estimated in stock date week of April 20th at Tripp-lite

  • PS240406 - 24" strip/4 outlets/6ft cord
  • PS361220 - 36" strip/12 outlets/15ft cord/20A
  • PS480806 - 48" strip/8 outlets/6ft cord
  • SS240806 - 24" strip/8 outlets/6ft cord/1050 joules
  • SS361220 - 36" strip/12 outlets/15ft cord/1650 joules/20A
  • SS480806 - 48" strip/8 outlets/6ft cord/1650 joules

Estimated in stock date week of May 25th at Tripp-lite

  • PS2408RA - 24" strip/8 outlets/15ft cord/RA receptacles and plug
  • PS3612RA - 36" strip/12 outlets/15ft cord/RA receptacles and plug
  • PSF2408 - 24" strip/8 outlets/15ft cord/folds/pivots every 12"
  • PS3612RA - 36" strip/12 outlets/15ft cord/folds/pivots every 12"
  • PS240810 - 24" strip/8 outlets/10ft cord

SRCOOL7KRM Self-Contained, Rack-Mounted Air Conditiong Unit

Convenient Cooling Inside the Rack

SRCOOL7KRM mounted in a 42U rack enclosure

The latest addition to Tripp Lite's award-winning line of SRCOOL® cooling solutions for IT environments, the SRCOOL7KRM is a 7,000 BTU/h rack-mounted air conditioning unit. Compact, convenient and completely self-contained, the SRCOOL7KRM provides primary or supplementary cooling for heat-sensitive equipment in network closets, server rooms and data centers. IT staff can install it as easily as any other rack-mountable equipment, without the assistance of an electrician, plumber or HVAC specialist. The SRCOOL7KRM also supports remote management, including centralized management through Tripp Lite's free PowerAlert® NMS software.

Compact Cooling Power

  • Plugs into a standard 15-amp outlet (NEMA 5-15R).
  • Does not require a floor drain or water collection tank(built-in evaporator eliminates condensation).
  • Includes all required parts, including mounting hardware for standard 19-inch rack installation.

Convenient Operation

  • Directs cool air downward or upward, allowing the unit to operate from the top or bottom of the rack enclosure.
  • Supports unattended startup and shutdown.
  • Restarts automatically after power failures.
  • Includes informative digital display and LEDs.
  • Allows IT staff to monitor temperatures, receive alerts, review logs and control settings from any location via SNMP, Web, SSH or telnet. (Requires optional SRCOOLNET2 remote management accessory.)

For more information contact your sales rep.

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