Parasound ZoneMaster 1250 Amp

Complements Whole-House Audio and HT Installations

Parasound developed its ZoneMaster 1250 Universal 12-Channel Amplifier to serve integrators in a variety of ways, including as a means to power whole-house audio systems, home theaters or even specific applications like bi-amping speakers.

By Robert Archer, March 4th, 2015: as seen on CEPro

The San Francisco-based company Parasound has built a loyal base of enthusiast end users and dealers through distinct product lines that address not only price points and performance criteria, but also application.

Parasound's latest product, the newly available ZoneMaster 1250 Universal 12-Channel Amplifier, is symbolic of the company's place within the market through its design goals, which affordably allow dealers to utilize the amp in a variety of ways to serve their clients' needs.

The $1,995 ZoneMaster Model 1250 amplifier from Parasound can be set up to run as a 12-channel whole-house, six-zone stereo amp delivering 50-watts per channel or as a six-channel home theater amp that delivers 160-watts per channel.

Designed for multi-configurations and versatility, the ZoneMaster 1250 is rated to deliver more than 1,200 watts RMS with all channels driven. Looking at specific applications, the hybrid design amp through its Class A/B input stage and Class D power stage is rated to produce 50-watts per channel into 8 ohms when set up as a 12-channel, six-zone amp or 160-watts per channel into 8 ohms when set up as a six-channel home-theater amplifier.

According to the Bay Area company, the 2U-high amp is stable down to 2-ohm impedance loads, and it can even be set up in a bi-amp mode to provide up 400 watts of power to each speaker.

"In terms of sound quality, build quality, and configuration options, the ZoneMaster Model 1250 is a game-changer in a category populated by cheaply built IC chip amplifiers. It is as useful for distributed audio as it isr as for home theater, where it could augment an AV receiver with 3 x 200 watts plus 4 x 90 watts oa terrific single-chassis amplifier solution for Dolby Atmos," comments Richard Schram, president of Parasound.

"At CEDIA we were deluged by dealers and installers who need higher quality products than they have been finding in the marketplace. Poor reliability is a huge issue for installers, and they are wasting their time and losing serious money on repeated service calls for typical appliance-grade amplifiers. With the ZoneMaster 1250, both installers and their clients are assured of the high sound quality and reliability that are Parasound hallmarks."

Some of the amp's installer-friendly features include independent line inputs and level controls for each channel, two Bus inputs with looping outputs, a speaker-level input that can be routed to any zone, independent 12-volt and audio triggers with looping 12-volt trigger outputs for each zone, and a global 12-volt trigger.

Other features include phoenix connecters that accept wire gauges up to 12 gauge, and a standby power consumption rating of 0.5 watts to meet Energy Star and European Union specifications.

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