TOA Electronics Feature Friday

Q-RM9012PS & Q-SS9012PS

Multi-Zone Paging System

The Q-RM9012PS & Q-SS9012PS represent a new, added advantage for the 9000M2 Series of Mixer-amps. With these additional accessories, it is now possible to perform multi-zone paging functions without the need for additional outputs or power amplifiers. This greatly simplifies the setup and installation and reduces hardware costs. By using a proven and reliable method of contact output assignments, the 9000M2 v3.0 GUI software may be programmed to trigger multiple outputs or zones to button commands from the paging mic. In turn, these events can synchronize to contact closures that can simultaneously activate corresponding speaker outputs on the speaker selector. This allows single or multiple speaker lines (up to 12) to be activated for a given paging source. Depending on the requirement, single or dual channel powered 9000M2 units may be used; or a 9000M2 mixer with external amplification. Additional discrete zones may be added using 9000M2 output cards and amplifiers. These accessories may also be used in stand-alone applications, even without the 9000M2.

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