ATI AT6002 Multi-channel Power Amplifier Highlights

by Chris Heinonen and Dr. David Rich October, 2014

Innovative amp that offers incredibly high performance... High-end build quality.
...feels and sounds like a statement product... Incredible beast.
The AT6002 has the largest dynamic range of any amplifier I have ever heard. I could place my ear next to the tweeter of the Revel f208 and hear nothing when the system was idle. Not even a slight hiss. No amplifier has been this quiet in my system.
Compared to my reference amplifier, the ATI AT6002 removed a layer of granularity.
I could not make the amplifier lose its cool.
The 128.7dB SNR at 300 Watts has a bit equivalent of 21 bits, which is better than any DAC now on the market.
The ATI AT6002 a giant in the world of power amplifiers... (need) never be replaced.

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This product and more from ATI are available for order. Call your sales rep or the office for details.

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