NEW Graphic Equalizer
Model No. EQ1 single channel, 30-band Constant-Q equalizer features thirty 20mm center-detented linear sliders on ISO center frequencies. Front volume control and EQ bypass switch with LED. Rear balanced/unbalanced XLR and 
1/4" TRS phone plug inputs and outputs. Now shipping. 

NEW Cable Panel with brush strip
The CBP Series has a tray for cables and a brush strip to keep them organized while holding dust and other contaminants at bay. 19 in panel. 1U or 2U.

NEW Vent Panel
The SVPL Series features larger diameter holes, providing 63% open area for greater ventilation. 1U to 4U. Bulk packaging available.
NEW Fan Kit
Model No. FDC1-KITT features a single fan for spot cooling plus an integral thermostat probe to control fan operation. UL Listed power supply with three types of plug adaptors.
New Desktop Rack Stand
The LRS Series has a small footprint with just enough rack space for small AV 
or IT installations. 8U or 12U. Freestanding or bolt to desk top.

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Mar 24 14 PAA News

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