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NEW UL Listed, in-Ceiling Speakers


If you missed us at InfoComm, then you may have missed the new
ES Series in-ceiling speakers. Clean lines support a quality sound that's suitable for foreground or background music and paging. The ES includes a 6.5" coaxial or 4" dual-cone driver, backcan, press-fit grille, trim ring, C-ring with support rails, and more. And if you need to control project cashflow, you can order the speaker and a separate
approved backbox at different points in the project, either way it's UL Listed. http://www.lowellmfg.com/MAIN-NEW-es.html
NEW UL Listed, Sound Masking Speakers


We're now shipping the new UL Listed sound masking speakers made for above-ceiling installation. The SM810A has an 8" 15W dual cone driver, factory wired transformer, 760 cu.in. steel enclosure with grille, and wire hangers with chain for single-point suspension. The SM810A-BR has factory-mounted bridge rails for time-saving installation on the lay-in tile ceiling grid. Other models in the series offer additional driver choices
and white enclosures. http://www.lowellmfg.com/audio-SM-ABOVE.html
NEW "WSL" Wall-mount Shelf


The WSL-1814 steel wall shelf holds up to 40 lbs., so it's a great alternative for light-duty settings. A vented base has provisions to mount a single fan kit for cooling (FW1-KIT, order separately). Rear
obrounds assist with cable management. Ideal for in-closet wiring apps. http://www.lowellmfg.com/racks-WSL.html
NEW Storage Convenience
New rackmount accessories offer convenience for dealers and installers alike. The SLS drawer has a stay-open latch so it won't close when you're working on equipment. The KS knockdown rack shelf ships unassembled; you order the base and "ears" separately so you can keep a few parts on-hand and mix-and-match to assemble the size you need, when you need it. www.lowellmfg.com
Faster Product Selection
If you haven't been to the website lately, jump in and take a look at the user-friendly product category pages driven by photos for faster selection. There's also more info on individual rack pages for quicker review. www.lowellmfg.com

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