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Product Introduction Bulletin
# 00-1-081312-1
Effective August 13, 2012 the following models will be introduced: PC-580R, PC-580RV & BC-580U

Sample Quantities: June 2012
Availability:  August, 2012
Model # Product Description List Price Dealer Price
PC-580R 8" In-ceiling paging speaker UL-listed 25V/70V Xfmr 5W (sold in packs of 10)
PC-580RV 8" In-ceiling paging speaker w/volume control. UL-listed 25V/70V Xfmr 5W (sold in packs of 10)
BC-580U UL-listed stackable, metal back-can for PC-580R/RV
* For additional pricing information, please contact your sales representative or the office.
General Description:
The PC-580R & PC-580RV are designed to fill the need for a high-performance / low-cost ceiling speaker for paging and notification applications, especially where retrofit of speakers in large facilities, dictate that common speaker template is used, eliminating the need for adapting existing ceiling cutouts. The PC-580R & PC-580RV (along with the HY-BC-580U Back can) meet UL requirements for speakers used in plenum spaces and for emergency signaling and notification applications.
Features & Benefits:
  • 8" in-Ceiling Speaker for high-quality paging applications
  • Low-cost design makes it ideal for projects requiring large quantities
  • 25 & 70V transformer taps up to 5W
  • Fits standard ceiling-speaker template (PC-671R and others). Perfect for retrofits.
  • UL 1480 (UUMW) & UL 2043-plenum rated. Certified to work with emergency announcement systems.
  • Unique "monocoque" design provides better structural integrity.
  • PC-580RV version provides a center-grille volume adjustment potentiometer
  • Optional UL-rated HY-BC-580U stackable back-can for use in ceiling plenum. Includes punch-plates for connection conduit
  • Speakers & UL back-cans old in quantities of 10
  • Optional BBF-100 Flush back-can (non-UL), TBF-100 Tile Bridge & HY-TB1 Tile Rail kits are also available.
  • TOA 5 Year Audio warranty
  • General Paging & Notification
  • Emergency Voice Notification

Cross-sell Products:
  • A-9000M2, BA/BG-200 & BG-2000 & A-700 & 900MkII Series Amps & Mixer-Amps
  • DA-250DH/FH & 500F-HL Class D Power Amps
  • N-8000 IP Intercom (use with N-8000/8010RS &RS-140, 142, 143 & 144 call switches).
  • VM-3240VA & VM03240E Emergency Voice Paging Amplifiers

Sales Tools & Resources:
  • Color Literature
  • Installation Manual
  • A&E Specifications (coming soon)

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