Because not every room needs a touchscreen.
Single-gang Decora styling with soft buttons and visual feedback...a truly versatile solution.


We are proud to announce the all new SLK, Single Line Keypad designed for individual zone control of our C-Series MCA-C3 and MCA-C5 multiroom audio systems is now shipping.

This stylish single-gang keypad designed for basic zone control contains many powerful features hidden beneath the sleek Decora finish. Five available color options make the SLK-1 at home in almost any architectural setting.

SLK-1 colors

Designed to be highly convenient for the user, the SLK's white backlit LCD panel is easy-to-navigate and control, while the 5 character display lists current source, volume level and system status information depending on the mode the system is in. Even the power button exudes simplicity as a user may power the room's system on/off with the single soft-touch button while powering off all-zones by holding down the power button for 4 seconds.

Additionally, the SLK works seamlessly with "My Russound" application on supported hand-held devices and features an IR receiver for direct control and IR repeating.

If it seems we are proud of our latest keypad the SLK, well I guess we are, and we would be delighted to have you follow this link to learn more. 
Jun 13 12 PAA News

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