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Lowell's 65th:
Did you know 2012 marks Lowell's 65th year?  Family patriarch Ben Lowell began with ceiling baffles way back in 1947. Today his son John leads the Lowell team into the 21st Century. Watch for the story in the "View From the Top" profile in the May issue of  Pro Sound News. http://www.prosoundnetwork.com/section/view-from-the-top/36/Page/1
Thermal Management:
This just in - 19" rackmount fan panels (FW series) are now available with a "thermo-cord" option. The cord has an integral thermostat that controls fan operation, automatically turning fans on and off when the ambient temperature hits pre-set points. This feature saves energy (i.e. money), not to mention wear and tear on fans. http://www.lowellmfg.com/racks-thermalmgm.html 
There's also a brand-new line of FDC fan panels, which feature universal input voltage (100VAC -240VAC) and a universal plug with three different adaptors, which allows them to be used virtually anywhere in the world. The 19" fan panels include some models with the "vari-speed thermostat probe" option which activates fans, controlling speed according to variations in ambient temperature. http://www.lowellmfg.com/racks-thermalmgm.html

Packaged Speaker & Sound-masking Spec Books:
A fourth spec book has been added to the online spec guides. This book, for Packaged Speakers & Sound-masking, makes it easy to skim through product specs to compare and contrast features and technical specifications. You'll find it (in flash and pdf formats) on the Literature page of our website.  

Updated 2012 LH series Paging Horn:
The LH series horn with high-efficiency (15W or 30W) compression driver has been updated with an improved frequency response and a new beige color that blends well in school environments. The horn provides clear paging and tone signaling for 25V, 70V or 100V systems. The weather-resistant assembly is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is ROHS compliant. Ships ready-to-install. *Optional IP66 Adaptors: are now available to meet IP66 RATING (water-resistant and dust-resistant operation). http://www.lowellmfg.com/audio-horns.html


InfoComm '12: 
Need tickets for the upcoming InfoComm show in Vegas?  E-mail us at sales@lowellmfg.com and we'll send them to you. And when you get to the show, be sure to plan a stop at booth C-9723 to see what we have in store. 

Convenient Rack Bundles "-BAV":
Bundles provide the convenience of using a single part number to order a rack that includes a set of popular accessories. These accessories are not installed but ship in separate packaging along with the rack. Accessories vary by rack model but typically include things like rear mounting rails, 19" fan panel, cable managers, leg levelers and a vertical-mount power strip. See the "BAV" option of LER enclosed racks and LGR gangable racks for specifics.  http://www.lowellmfg.com/racks-floor.html  


Racks with Installed Accessories "-IAV":
For even greater convenience, LER enclosed racks and LXR slim-frame racks are now available fully assembled with a set of pre-installed accessories. See the "IAV" option of these racks for more information.  http://www.lowellmfg.com/racks-floor.html


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