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TFX 5.1 : Tannoy’s best-ever budget sound system for 3D & HD movies!

Tannoy’s best selling budget surround sound speaker package of all time has stepped up another gear. The new TFX 5.1 builds on the award winning SFX 5.1 system to deliver a thrilling roller-coaster ride of movie effects from the latest uncompressed surround sound audio formats. With today’s ‘frameless’ flat panel TVs struggling with sound reproduction through their rear-facing drivers, Tannoy TFX 5.1 is the perfect partner for HD and 3D entertainment.

Designed to bring Blu-ray, HD sport and broadcast entertainment to life, TFX powers through Dolby True HD and DTS HD-Master Audio soundtracks with ease. Stylish and discreet to blend with contemporary decor yet capable of delivering a three-dimensional atmosphere and room shaking effects, TFX is at the cutting edge of home theatre performance.

Improving on an already multi-award winning design was not easy. The FX speaker concept has been developed and refined over a nearly a decade and was already considered to be one of the best entry-level systems available. The new TFX 5.1 package further refines the concept, resulting in Tannoy’s best budget surround sound speaker package to date.

Technical FXcellence

The TFX satellite and centre channel speakers feature the latest development in Tannoy’s WideBand technology with a tweeter that extends its response to over 70kHz. With new surround sound formats delivering frequencies of up to 48kHz (LPCM @ 96kHz/24bit) each TFX satellite is capable of capturing the uppermost harmonic detail of every effect for an incredibly lifelike cinematic experience. Fine details are crafted with precision and texture, and mid-band compression is eliminated to reveal an open and spacious soundstage – just how the director intended.

The sleek enclosures of the original SFX range have been streamlined to eliminate standing waves in key frequencies and reshaped to get the very best from the driver and crossover upgrades. Each cabinet is made from an advanced polymer chosen to best damp the enclosure while revised bracing delivers tighter mid-range punch. TFX satellites have been developed to communicate speed, impact and clarity while the TFX centre has been further tuned to convey the most accurate dialogue.

The TFX subwoofer builds on the success and strengths of the SFX model, underpinning the new Wideband TFX satellites with fast, deep bass. Its long-throw 8" driver and potent 100Watt class A/B amplifier have all the power required to fill large room with taut low frequency effects. The revised TFX filter network ensures seamless integration of bass output with the satellites for a smooth, full-range soundstage

The stylish TFX 5.1 system components are all fully colour matched in either a black or white high gloss finish. The four satellites are supplied with dedicated wall brackets and the pack contains enough speaker cable to set up the system in all but the very largest room. Optional matching floor stands are available for the satellites should wall mounting not be practical. The extremely compact dimensions of TFX subwoofer make installation both flexible and discreet. The unit offers twin line level and speaker level input options and an automatic power on/off function is provided to save energy.

From Hollywood Blu-ray action movies to high resolution classical music recordings, TFX 5.1 sets a new performance standard at the price. Sumptuously styled for contemporary living, simple to use and highly affordable, TFX 5.1 is the perfect partner to today’s flagship 3D and HD TVs.

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