Mitsubishi Electronics

Projector Rebates

• posted on Feb 07 13

Click the link to see all of the currently available Mitsubishi projector rebates and additional details.


The new 84" Now on display

• posted on Jan 29 13

Available for purchase and on display now, the new 84LM9600 from LG Ultra HD 4K Smart TV at Professional Audio Associates


New models shown at CES

• posted on Jan 21 13

Bell'O introduced a number of new models at the recent CES show. Click the link to see more.

Active Thermal

Cool News

• posted on Jan 21 13

The latest news from Active Thermal Management


New reduced pricing throughout the line.

• posted on Jan 17 13

SpeakerCraft has changed it pricing structure on all of their products. For new pricing details contact your sales rep or the office at 781.939.5630 (IR product remains the same as it was).


Theater One Soundbar

• posted on Jan 16 13

On display now at Professional Audio Associates is the exciting new Pinnacle Soundbar/Sub System T1 WRLS SYS 4500. Click the link to find out details and dealer cost. Password required.


Official Newsletter

• posted on Jan 08 13

Find out about the exciting new CineVista from Panamorph and more in their latest newsletter.

Proficient Audio

Max TV Shipping Now

• posted on Jan 08 13

Take your listening experience to the MAX. Proficient's MaxTV is an under-TV speaker that delivers high-quality audio from TVs and smartphones. At only 4" high, the MaxTV slips easily under a flat panel TV. Built-in Bluetooth for additional options.


New HD Flow model coming soon!

• posted on Jan 04 13

The latest update to the Peerless HD Flow wireless HDMI transmitter is coming soon. To find out more about one of the best wireless transmitters for HDMI click the link. UPDATE:Now available


VGA to HDMI at native resolution

• posted on Jan 04 13

Did you know you can convert VGA to HDMI while keeping the resolution native and the image pristine? Click the link to find out more.

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